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Rafting and Canoeing in Serbia

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Serbia is a country with many rivers, the best rafting in Balkans and in Europe can be found here. Try white rafting on Lim, the Ibar River or on Tara, a unique region in Europe. Mountains regions between Serbia, Montenegro and the Serbian Republic, offers great opportunities for rafting.
Canyons of the rivers have carved wild rapids-perfects prices for rafting and adventure. You can choose rivers such as the Drina, Ibar, and Lim. While explores the nature of Serbia, enjoy with delicious organic food and the wine they produce the kind hosts.
Rafting on river Lim
If you want to try the real rafting, you can, at one of the cleanest rivers in Europe – Lim. Thanks to rafting trips you could admire nature and enjoy the Lim, a wild and mysterious river. 
Take a deep breath. The rapids come in a continuous row along the river while rafting.
Lim regatta is 130 km long river rafting regatta, which is held in late May of each year. Starting from the 2000th the races has an international character, not only because of rafting which takes place in two countries (Montenegro and Serbia) but also because of a large number of international participants. The regatta takes three days and begins in Montenegro from lakes formed where rivers Lim. After 130 kilometres exciting and full of adrenaline rafting ride, race-ending near the Serbian town of Prijepolje, at the mouth of the river Milosevski and river Lim.
Rafting on river Ibar
Ibar River flows through the pictures quelled scape of the west of Serbia. Ibar’s river has lots of rapids and waterfalls. Several mountain rivers are tributaries of the river Ibar: Studenica river, Raska, Dubocica, Lopatnica and rivers tavern. Ibar is a very suitable river for fishing, rafting and kayaking.
“We are down hill” is organized every spring on the river Ibar and it’s exciting sports and tourist event. The best time for rafting on the river Ibar river begins in May and ends in Oktober. The water in May and June is quite high because of melting of snow. This part of the Ibar River is abundant rapids, whirlpools and later followed by a quiet stream of water. 25 km long adventurous rafting on the river Ibar is ending after three and a half hours under medieval fortress Maglic. Ibar’s water is crystal blue which is ideal for swimming.
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