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Fishing in Serbia

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The diverse, preserved nature of Serbia offers passionate fishermen and recreational anglers the Danube, Sava, Drina, Morava, Tisa and flatland rivers and their spacious banks and lakes, as well as mountain rapids and gorges. Serbia’s rivers are still rich in sterlet, carp, trout, perch and pike, as well as many species of whitefish. There are even crayfish to be found in the rivers.
There are a lot of fishing spots in Serbia, almost every river is suitable for fishing.
But the best spots to fish in Serbia: Slankamen and Kovin on Dunabe river, Perucac, Bajina Basta and Ljubovija on Drina river
Fishing on the Danube – Manastirska Rampa
Manastirska Rampa is a small village on the river Danube, at the confluence with the Great Morava river, 9 km from the city of Kovin, and 60 km from the Belgrade, capital of Serbia. This place is famous for being rich with fish. Depending on the months/seasons you can harvest walleye (zander), catfish, asp, northern pike, carp, and perch. You can fish from a boat or try it from the shore (depends on the weather and the type of fish you would like to catch)
Fishing on Danube – Slankamen
Slankamen is situated on the place where the Danube cuts its way through the edge slopes of Fruska Gora. It is a small rural settlement with serpentine streets that create a special ambient. Besides interesting history, the nature has also given Stari Slankamen numerous tourist values: the loess profiles unique in Europe, mineral springs, the river full of fish, beautiful banks, sandy isles and beaches. Near Stari Slankamen, on the Danube bank, there is Zagrad – former fishermen’s village that tells about the long tradition of fishing and good fishing terrains on this part of the Danube flow. Across Stari Slankamen, at 1214.5th km of the Danube flow, there is the mouth of the River Tisa, one of the richest fish areas in the Danube. What to fish: pike, perch, carp, all white fish species, catfish. When: all year round, the best time is from summer months to early winter.
Fishing on Drina river – Perucac lake
Perucac is the fishing paradise as the lake abounds in fish
Perucac lake, created after the construction of the dam on the river Drina, is an ideal destination for relaxation in untouched nature or for a great fishing experience. The lake is 54 kilometres long and its magnificent canyon stretches all the way to Visegrad. Lake Perucac is rich in all kinds of fish, therefore, it offers opportunities for all kinds of fishing. (app. 30 species) The most famous fish of Drina River is the famous mladica (English huchen or latin Hucho hucho). The Drina is a natural habitat for this fish. Otherwise, this fish belongs to the group of fish that grow in trout inhabited rivers, meaning it is sensitive to pollutions. Many fishermen arrive with the desire to catch Mladica fish, which is considered to be the Queen of Drina River.
Flyfishing on Drina river – Ljubovija
Ljubovija is the best fly fishing destination in Serbia”
A wide spectrum of fly-fishing, suitable for experienced and beginners.
Part of the river between two hydro powers Perucac and Zvornik. This part is long about 60km. The right side of the river is Serbia territory and the left side is Bosnian. This is cold mountain river and excellent for fishing.
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