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Uvac – Special Nature Reserve

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Uvac Special Nature Reserve is a special nature reserve of the category I in Serbia. It is known for the successful project of the preservation of the griffon vulture.
The reserve is located in the southwestern Serbia, in the municipalities of Nova VaroŇ° (approximately 2/3) and Sjenica (1/3) in the Zlatibor District. The protected area is elongated and comprises the valley of the Uvac river, including the magnificent Uvac Gorge.
In the Uvac river and its tributaries within the reserve, there are 24 species of fish. Clean water in rivers and reservoirs are natural spawning locations for huchen, brown trout (borth faria and lacustris morphs), brook trout, zander, Mediterranean barbel, common nase and European chub.
Mammalian fauna includes wolves, bears, wild boars, foxes, hares, badgers and European pine martens, some of which are declared rare and endangered in Serbia.
The main attraction in the reserve is the avifauna, with some 130 bird species. The most important inhabitant of Uvac is the griffon vulture, one of two remaining vulture species which nests in Serbia. A Large bird, with a wingspan of up to 3 m, it has a unique place in the ecosystem’s food chain as it feeds solely on carcasses, providing the “natural recycling”. In the years after the World War II, the species was on the brink of extinction. In order to save the birds, an area of the Uvac gorge was protected in 1971, but still, the number of birds reduced to only 7 in the 1970s and 10 in 1990. At that moment, it appeared that the species will go extinct as it already disappeared from Eastern Serbia, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
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